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Our breeding program is to create dogs who are sound in temperament, excellent breed type, healthy in genetics, correct in structure, intelligent in mind, imposing in appearance, substantial in bone, with a powerful head type.

We aim to achieve this ideal through carefull selection of breeding parents that carry all these trats and genetics.

Here at our kennels we are a code of ethcs breeder that gives Written Guarantee's and we are members of the following;

Dogs Queensland (CCC).
The Rottweiler Club of Queensland.


In the early 90's we purchased our first Rottweiler, since then the Rottweiler has been a passionate love of ours.

As we developed in the breed, we decide to open our gene pool and import some new Rottweilers to Australia to help with this.

And to date we have imported to Australia six wonderful imports and we also imprted some frozen semen from some of the worlds best dogs and are now looking to 2016 to import a few new imports. Check out our import dogs page.

We are not a commercial breeder and enjoy these noble dogs for pleasure, and not for profit. We breed first and foremost for ourselves and then for others who have an interest in owning and enjoying a Darkgypsy puppy.















Export : FINLAND


D.O.B : JUNE, 09, 1995

Height : 67 cm

Weight: 55 Kg

Breed registry id : ANKC154297, SKF /FIN 2120

Hips : HD C/B(SKF/FIN)

Owner : Marianne Ojala (Finland)


Shows : Shown in Finland and the ADRK Shows


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Felix Crni Lotos, Myself and Darkgypsy Vanquisher

Darkgypsy 'V' Litter 

Felix Crni Lotos and friend


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