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International CH. Aust CH. NRCA CH. Yng/Adult Serbian CH. Hungary CH. Romania CH. Multi CH. BOB. BOG. BIS. Multi V Rated.

Felix Crni Lotos (Import Serbia) BH (Germany) IPO1, NRCA BST.

We imported Felix in 2010 from our very good friend Zika Mihajlovic from the great kennel in Serbia 'CRNI LOTOS'. Felix has been multi V1 Rated all over Europe and here in Australia.


Felix is to date the first and only International Champion Rottweiler to be imported to Australia, here in Australia Felix has gone on to become an Australian Champion, NRCA Champion and also completed his NRCA breed suvrye here in Australia under the great judge Mr Dirk Vandecasteele of Belgium here in Queensland in July 2011.


With the grading of V1 Open Dog Class, with his character and temperament assessment being;


Self Assurance:  HIGH. 

Temperament:  HIGH.

Manageability: MID. 

Degree of Excitability: HIGH.

Fearlessness:  HIGH.

Alertness:  HIGH.

Mistrust:  HIGH.

Protective Drive: HIGH.


NRCA Breed Survey: 'PASS'


Int CH. VDH/SCGJ/SCG/BIH/CRO/VEJ-CH. F.C.I Vice Europe Young CH. Champion 2003. Benelux Winner '04 & '07. I.F.R World Winner 2006. V1 ADRK Orlasieger 2004. F.C.I Europa CH '07. I.F.R World Show Argentina 2008. BOB/BOG/BIS/ Multi V Rated.

I.F.R. World Show Belgium 2009 V1. ADRK KS 2007 V4. Argentina F.C.I. International show APSOLUTLY WINNER. Multi CH.


A Super great Rottweiler. Owned by my very good friends at Herrschaft Rottweilers in USA and was breed by Earl Antonius Rottweilers owned Ljuba and Slavica Latinovic.


Gonzzo has produce super strong progeny all around the world and now we are please to also have one of the strongest son he may of ever produced in Darkgypsy Da Mighty Angus and now Angus has produce some super lovely stock here in Australia.


In mid 2016 we will be using Gonzzo back into our breeding program and expect to prdouce a super strong litter.




Multi V Rated / 2 x Most Successful Stud Dog In Show.

Nico Crni Lotos (SCG)(Import Portugal)

We are super bless to have said we have owned, imported and loved Nico, we imported in 2005 and from that moment we saw a dog that could help the breed here in Australia, as super strong male with strong bone male with very good substance.


Nico had an excellent male head type with very good stop with a short strong muzzle, with excellent mouth pigmentation (black) with lovely dark eye. He was a very strong dog with a lovely strong temperament.


Nico has been multi V1 Rated in Europe and was multi V1 Rated here in Australia and was 2 times Most Successful Stud Dog In Show.


With Nico's progeny we have seem him throw typical strong heads with dark mouth pigmentation and very dark eye which he seems to have imprinted on his progeny, something which is being sadly lost in the breed.

Cooghan Buoso Da Dovara (Italian Import)(USA)

I'm very proud to have imported frozen semen from this great dog Cooghan.


Cooghan is just a great, great Rottweiler. Owned by my very good friend Dale Gowen of Gowen Haus Rottweilers.


Cooghan was his personal working dog. Big at 66cm and 120lbs, Cooghan is chisled, super dry, huge power and without doubt one of the toughest dogs you will ever come across and his pedigree dictates it. Beauty, exceptional movement and ultra clear in the head, Cooghan is a very rare find.


Cooghan was sold after he broke his P1 and was unable to be shown; a tragedy that happens to many great dogs.


The pedigree is legendary in great, tough Rottweilers: Sired by the great Gauna v Sonnenhugel, that is without doubt a great asset on all levels of a Rottie pedigree and in my opinion one of the most important Rotts of his time.


When Gauna was in North America for a few shows, which he blew everything out of the water, he is still remembered by many and of those, they still think of him as the best Rott ever. Gauna comes from some of the biggest and hardest Rotts ever, going back through Furstenweisen to the doubled up breeding of the legendary bad boy BS'78 Int'l CH Benno v Allgauer Tor SchHIII, FH, Gekort bis EzA, HD-, plus his sire's (BISS Am CH Dux v Hungerbuhl Sch I Gek.b. EzA HD-) brother WS'73 KS'71'72 SCHWZ.S'71'72 Int'l CH Bulli v Hungerbuhl SchHII HD +/- Gek.b. EzA is brought in also for one highly potent bloodline.


Cooghan's dam, the beautiful and very powerful Quasama dei Floriopoli, from Italy's hard working Rottweiler kennel dei Floriopoli, is line bred 3/3 on the great producing legend EJS'94 Jackomo vd Bleichstrasse SchH III, IPOIII,AD, BH, ZtPR and brings Jackomo through the legendary bad boy USRC National Sieger, Dt.VDH-Ch Vico vd Flugschneise SchH III, AD, BH, ZtPR, HD-, ED- and the beast of a Rott and the heavily titled Indio dell Antico Guerriero SchHIII, IPOIII, ZtPR.


Throw into this the great, great working son of Vico and Italy's Top Working Rottweiler IT.CH Gill dei Floriopoli BH ZtP SchH 3, IPO3, HD- ED-, WS'94 ES'94 BS'94 KS'93 WJS'91 Ken v Schwaiger Wappen Sch3, FH, AD, IPO3, Gek,HD-, Int/Am Ch WS' 90, ES' 90, BJS'87, O-BS Benno vd Schwarzen Heide SchH3, IPO3, FH, ZtPR, TT, AD, CGC, HD Frei, Int.CH, O-KS '95 Doc vd Teufelsbrucke SchH3, FH, AD, BH, Gek, HD-, Int.Ch, DT.VDH-CH, ES'93, KS '91'92 Noris v Gruntenblick FH, AD, BH, SchH3, IPO3, Gek, HD-, BS'83 Int'l Select CH Cendy vom Siedlerpfad SchHI,FH, Gekort bis Eza, Ambassador v Freienfels SchH3, FH, AD, Gekort bis EzA, ZtPR, HD- ,vBS '85 Morris v Rauchfang SchH3, IPO3, FH, AD, GEKORT bis EzA and BS'78 Int'l CH Benno v Allgauer Tor SchH3, FH, Gekort bis EzA.

Multi V Rated Fahra De Breogan (Import Portugal)

We imported Fahra at the same time as we imported Nico Crni Lotos back in 2005, Fahra was a very strong female, with a excellent strong head, short strong muzzle and she was the daughter of the

great World Champion 2001, International Champion, Klub Sieger Hungary,

Klub Sieger Romania, Yugoslavian Champion, Hungary Champion, Yugoslavian Youth Champion, Hungary Youth Champion, Romania Youth Champion, 20X CAC, 17X CACIB,

3X RESERVED CACIB, 10X BOB, BIS, 4X Youth Champion, IPO2, HD-FREI, ED-FREI. 'BRONKO OD DRAGICEVICA' a super powerful dog. Fahra's dam MEGY DE BREOGAN who was from some super strong german bloodlines, Megy swas linebreeding on the great german dog 

BS 1989 Chris vom Obergrombacher Schloss so a super bloodline.


Fahra's has produce a number of super strong progeny here in Australia and has a number of a Australian Champion and is a grand mother to a number of great dogs here, one being

Multi V1 Rated, Multi V Rated, Runner Up Best In Specialty Show, DARKGYPSY DA MIGHTY ANGUS (ai)

Multi V Rated Joy Von Saton (Poland)(Import USA)

With the help of my very good friend Dale Gowan of Gowan Haus Rottweilers, Dale help me imported this super lovely female into my kennel and Australia.


Joy is one outstanding female with a bloodline doubled up on the great ADRK dog in

Int./DT.VDH CH. Ken Vom Schwaiger Wappen SchH3, FH, AD, BH, IPO3, Gerkort bis, Ztp.,


Joy's sire is the great Gawan vom Zimmerplatz, SchH3, BH, AD, ZtP, Gawan has been 13 times "V" rated in Germany under several ADRK Judges. He has been V2 5 times. He also was "V" rated at the 1999 ADRK Club Show. Gawan has an excellent pedigree with a very strong background for hip and elbow ratings. He came from a litter of 6, 5 were x-rayed, 4 of which are HD- and ED-. Gawan is one of the few dogs that have left Germany that have both HD- and ED- and excellent DogBase numbers in both catogries, His DogBase numbers from the April 2000 version of DogBase: 91 87 103 112 113 107 show that he would be a suitable breeding partner to many lines.


We are proud to have imported this girl.

'97 & '98 Canadian Western Region Klub Sieger, '97 & '98 V1 Gebrauchshund Canadian Klub Seiger, Multi V1 Rated.

Utz Vom Hause Miles (Import Canada) BH, AD, BST, CGC, TT, SchH2.

We can proudly say we import and owned Utz Vom Hause Miles known as 'Samson'.

Utz Vom Hause Miles has produced some outstanding progeny in Australia and he will live on in them. And has help many kennels in Australia move forward.


'Samson'was super dog excellent in Working and Conformation;


1996 - Canadian National Youth Sieger.

1996 - Most Beautiful Male Can.Nat.Sieger Show.

1997 - V1 18-24 Class, SW Regional Sieger Show.

1997 - V1 SW Regional Youth Sieger.

1997 - V1 Gebrauchshund GEWRV.

1997 & 1998 - V1 Gebrauchshund Canadian Western Region Show.

1997 & 1998 - Canadian Western Region Klub Sieger.

1997 & 1998 - Canadian Western Region Most Beautiful In Show.

1998 - V2 Gerbrauchshund USRC National Sieger Show.

Multi V Rated Katja Vom Hause Miles (Import Canada)

We were very luck to have own and imported this wonderful girl, Katja was a large strong 
bitch, she has been critiqued by a number of top rated ADRK judges as being a top brood bitch.


Katja pass away a few years back and we miss her alot and she will aways live in our hearts. 

Her daughters and sons are still doing her proud and going strong.


We thank Heinze Miles of Vom Hause Miles for letting us own a wonderful girl like Katja.


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